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clover station 2018

Clover® Station 2018

The new Station 2018 release in March 2018 offers an integrated, all-in-one business solution ideal for both retail and restaurants. Station 2018 accepts EMV chip cards, contactless payments, offers fingerprint login, and a swivel feature 

Clover Mini

Clover Mini

Clover Mini is a powerful terminal replacement offering Emv processing, NFC, Apple pay and able to handle your scheduling, inventory or marketing needs by just downloading an app.

Clover Flex


Clover Flex, having the same capability with the Clover station or mini, now gives you the flexibility of mobility and is ideal for  pay at the table solution.

Clover Go


Clover Go is the ultimate mobile solution that can enable your smartphone to accept credit cards.


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POS all-in-one business solution

Clover Station 2018 service
  • Sleek screen that swivels to face your customers,

  • allowing them to sign on the screen and add tip.

  • Fingerprint login for your employees makes login faster as well as ensures security.

  • Integrations for loyalty programs, gift cards, online-ordering, and more

  • EMV-compliant chip card readers & acceptance of contactless payments 

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  • Most competitive rates in the industry

  • Full range of merchant services with multiple platforms servicing most POS systems.

  • FREE EMV/NFC/Apple Pay enable.

  • In-House PCI program.

  • In House Support and Service.

credit card terminal
Clover Station and Clover Mini


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Benefits >

  • Build customer lists: help you more strategically target them with promotions.

  • Connect now: Re-market to customers sending out promotions instantly. 

  • Win them back:Automatically find lost customers, then send them an offer to get them back in the door.

  • Go social: Send offers on Facebook, Twitter, email, and text.



Benefits >

  • Build brand awareness:  Cost-effective advertising vehicle.

  • Convenience: Gift cards are more convenient than other types of promotions & completely customizable.

  • Digital Gift cards available

  • Brings new customers to your restaurant: People may sometimes be given a gift card for a store they have never been to before.

gift cards 1.png


Benefits >

  • Convert your Clover Device into a Customer-facing Interactive Self-ordering Solution 

  • Increase profits: Process more tickets at a lesser cost 

  • Increases accuracy:    Orders are completely accurate, eliminating the possibility of human error 

  • Improves efficiency:  Customers can avoid the frustration of waiting in-line for assistance and orders can be processed faster

apptizer 1.png


Benefits >

  • Increase Sales: With the shift to mobile programs, restaurants can now remind customers about their great menu and specials.

  • Bring Back Repeat Diners: When customers get coupons on their phone, thoughts of other places to eat will be pushed from their mind.

  • Create a relationship:  between a restaurant and its customers.

rewards 1.png

Benefits >

  • It’s just one click away: 69% of customers order food online using a mobile device.

  • Reach more people: More people will know about your restaurant if it has an online presence.

  • Easier to order: Ordering can be done with ease.

  • Sales Increase:  Customize online menus to highlight any menu specials that are taking place


online ordering 1.png

Benefits >

  • Provide your customers with FREE WiFi 

  • Automatically send "Thank You" emails to customers after they leave &

  • Automatically send emails with coupons to customers to drive return traffic

  • Collect instant feedback or send emails to customers asking for their feedback


wifi marketing 1.png


Benefits >

  • Track visitor engagement and customer leads from your Yelp Business Page.

  • Respond to reviews with a private message or public comment.

  • Respond to customer inquiries and messages.

  • Upload and manage photos for your business.

  • View reports on ad clicks from Yelp users (advertisers only)

yelp 1.png


Benefits >

  • Homebase Hiring is FREE.

  • Homebase is used by over 100,000 businesses. 

  • Post a job in 60 seconds: We automatically create job descriptions that have been tested with candidates. 

  • One post to multiple job boards for free: We post your job automatically to top local job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter--all for free

hiring 1.png


Benefits >

  • No Paper Lists: roll out your wait list management application in minutes. Enable your customers to get in line, check wait time, and get notified instantly.

  • No setup cost. No transaction cost. Flat monthly fee of $5.99

  • Smart wait time: The more you use the app the more accurate the wait times become using AI.

waitlist 1.png
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