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5 stars

5/5 rating on App Market based on customer reviews

How DAVO Works:

Get DAVO by going to the Clover App Marketplace. After ensuring your sales tax rate is properly configured and completing an easy, 5-minute set up, you’ll never need to touch it again. DAVO will run in the background and take care of every step of the sales tax process.

sale icon

Continue to enter sales on your POS

collecting money icon

DAVO collects and sets aside sales tax

files in a box icon

DAVO automaticall files your state sales tax

state tax icon

DAVO automatically pays your state sales tax


3.5/5 rating on App Market based on customer reviews

Features of Quickbooks

Automatic daily sales transfers
Automatically transger all of your sales activity. 
Sales by category 
Transfer sales activity into income amounts based on categories you have created
Sales tax
Record your tax with all sales
Daily sales summary
Activity is transferred in a single invoice that shows all sales for the day with tax and tips
In minutes you will be ready to use your dashboard
Payment methods
Each tender  is tracked
Multi Location
Multiple business locations are supported and will be synced. 
All refund activity is recorded in a seperate account 
Customer Detail 
Track sales for individual customers.
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