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employee management

employee management

5 stars

5/5 rating on App Market based on customer reviews

Free Time Clock Without the Headaches

GPS Based Clock in: Verify clock-in location on the timesheet

Pin-Based Login: Set a 4 digit pin for an easy and quick login

Offline mode: Do not lost time clock if your internet is down, use the app.

Edit Times: Managers can edit employee login or clock out times if an employee forgets.


Recruiting Software to help you get quality candidates


In less than 60 seconds, Homebase hiring helps you post a job to the top online job boards for free and lets you easily manage all your candidates and scheduling in one simple location.


Post to the top job boards for free

  • Exposure to thousands of qualified applicants with free postings.

  • Customized job posts pre-written for you based on your unique business.

  • Option to apply via text message. 


  • Free scheduling you can manage anytime, anywhere and instantly share with your team.

  • Free time clock on your Clover POS and other devices to track time and make payroll a breeze.

  • Integrated payroll. Homebase calculates paychecks, sends payments, and files payroll taxes.

  • Team communication app with built-in messaging, helpful shift reminders, late alerts, and more.

  • HR tools including job posts, applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, and employee paperwork.

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