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Key Features

  1. Secure Payment: Uses the latest SSL encryption to protect customers credit card data

  2. Coupon Codes: Create Coupon Codes, set the discount values add the expiration dates to increase sales.

  3. Payment: Allow customers to Order Online and Pay in Store or upon delivery

  4. Text Messages: Business owners have the option to receive a text message as soon as the customer places an order

  5. Email Notifications: Both customer and business owner receives an e-mail when an order is placed.

  6. Instantly Print Orders: As soon as the customer places an order, it will print to the Kitchen and Clover Printer

  7. Delivery Zones: Set up and draw multiple delivery areas with various pricing

  8. Store Layouts: Choose from 5 different store interfaces. Each one offers a unique customer experience

  9. Works on All Platforms: Smart Online Order is mobile friendly. It is responsive and will adjust to all screen sizes

  10. Hide Inventory Items: You can easily hide categories, items and modifiers from appearing on your website. You don't have to show everything that is in your Clover Inventory