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Promos is FREE with Clover and includes:

  1. Automatically collect customer contact information and build your mailing list

  2. Engage and retain in-store customers with coupons

  3. Try real-time promos for free with our no-risk trial: Send directly to customers by email, text message, Facebook, and Twitter 

  4. Track redemptions in real-time to monitor how Promos increases sales

  5. Marketing material posted to your business

clover pos system

Subscribe to Customer Engagement Plus to get more:

  1. Send unlimited real-time promos 

  2. Bring back lost customers with automated campaigns

  3. Target promos to your most valuable customers

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Wifi marketing

WiFi Marketing

viva spot
  1. Provide your customers with FREE WiFi at your location  

  2. Personalize your WiFi login page with your logo, text and graphics + Build and grow your customer email lists 

  3. Automatically integrates with CRM platforms such as MailChimp

  4. Automatically send "Thank You" emails to customers after they leave

  5. Automatically send "Please Come Back" emails to customers who have not returned.

  6.  Deliver instant coupons to drive incremental revenue + Automatically send emails with coupons to customers to drive return traffic

  7. Collect instant feedback or send emails to customers asking for their feedback

  8.  Grow your social media presence on Facebook and Yelp


Yelp for business owners

The Yelp for Business Owners app allows you to view important business analytics and connect with customers, including those who have written reviews for your business. Use Yelp for Business Owners app to:

  1. Track visitor engagement and customer leads from your Yelp Business Page.

  2. Respond to reviews with a private message or public comment.

  3. Respond to customer inquiries and messages.

  4. Upload and manage photos for your business.

  5. View reports on ad clicks from Yelp users (advertisers only)

  6. Report reviews and messages.


Abreeze Link for MailChimp

Abreeze Link

Abreeze Link is the easiest way to connect in-store purchases with your email marketing campaigns. Not using MailChimp yet? No problem! It is very easy to get started. Abreeze Link automatically sends transaction and customer information from your Clover POS to your MailChimp lists. This allows for email marketing automation and rich segmentation by items purchased, category purchased, amount spent, and much more. Email customers like never before! Abreeze Link will bring your existing customers back for more!

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insights by clover

My Dashboard

Insights is the only tool that gives you a glimpse into your competition. Find out how much other businesses around you are making and how many clients they're serving. Build your business using data, compare your performance to the industry and get actionable information and forecasts

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