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Setting up your POS Equipment

Set up Equipment
How To Guide

Set up employees​

Step 1: Open “Employees” app

Step 2: To add employee tap on the green + > input employee name, set appropriate role, create a pass code (6 digits) and or set up fingerprint login authorization.

Step 3: Tap Add fingerprint and place index finger on the sensor (top right corner of the device) and follow clover instructions

Step 4: Tap “Save” to store employee info in device

Step 5: Select Permissions tab and review permissions


Setup options

Step 1: Open “Setup” app

Step 2: Tap on Order Receipts to customize receipts sent to the kitchen

Step 3: Tap on Payments to edit tenders accepted, enable pre-auth, offline payment options, and signature settings

Step 4: Tap on Payment Receipts to customize customer receipts

Step 5: Tap on Additional charges to add a service charge

Step 6: Tap on Taxes and add the tax rate

Step 7: Tap on Tips and edit tip settings

set up Menu icon

Set up the menu

Step 1: Open “Inventory” app

Step 2: Confirm all categories, items, modifiers and prices

Add Menu Item

Step 3: Tap on Categories

Step 4: Tap on the green + and name the category

Step 5: Tap on the green + and add items to that category

Step 6: Fill in item name and price

Step 7: Add necessary modifiers and make sure item is labeled to the kitchen printer

add modifier icon

Add modifier to item

Step 1: Tap on Modifiers

Step 2: Tap on the green+ (bottom right) & name modifier group

Step 3: If it is a forced modifier select 1 for “Min”

Step 4: Tap on the blue+ (bottom left) to add modifier

Step 6: Input name & price of modifier and save

Step 7: Add modifier to item


Manage an order 

Step 1: Get on the screen adding items to an order

Step 2: Locate the 3 dots (next to pay) and tap on it

Step 3: From here you are able to


Transactions overview

Step 1: Open Transactions” app

Step 2: Displays all transactions in order showing transactions by time, transaction #, amount, payment method and employee

Step 3: Ability to search for a transaction by device, employee, tender, and transaction type

Step 4: Search bar in top right corner that allows to search by “trans # / id”

Step 5: If conducting a refund, tap the specific transaction, there will be an option to refund

promos icon

Setting up a Promo 

Step 1: Open “Promos

Step 2: Tap “customize your offer”

Step 3: Customize your specific promo

Step 4: Tap continue to post on social media and send it to customers phones (10 cents per audience member with basic), print it on receipts, post on twitter and or Facebook


Download Apps

Step 1: Tap on “More Tools

Step 2: Browse apps or search for specific app on top right corner

Step 3: For assistance with all 3rd party apps, tap on the app, scroll down, and their contact info is provided

Building your customer list

Step 1: Tap on “Customers” app

Step 2: To manually input a customer tap on the +add customer icon (top right)

Step 3: Input Customer name, phone number & email

Step 4: Tap save on the top right

Step 5: Track customer spending, visits, and rewards

Note: Customer info will be automatically stored when processing credit card payments. 


Kitchen printer setup

Step 1: Tap on “Printers” app

Step 2: To setup printer tap on green + symbol (bottom right)

Step 3: Ensure that the Receipt (station) printer is connected and tap on Add Order Printer and the station will search for it & connect the printer

Step 4: Make sure items from inventory are labeled to “Order Printer” so those items are enabled to print in the kitchen printer


View reports 

Step 1: Open “Reporting” app

Step 2: Displays income breakdown for the current date

Step 3: Tap the calendar icon on top right corner to check previous reports for previous days or a custom search

Step 4: Custom time period – search for transactions on a specific date & time.

  • Any transactions completed after 12 am will be included in the next day’s batch.

Step 5: Tap “printer icon” on the top right corner to print out a copy


Set up a reward program

Step 1:  Setup rewards program on “rewards” app 

Step 2: Upon customer payment, customer will inform you they are using Perka. (They earn x amount of points for spending x amount of $)

Step 3: Tap Perka under payment in order to track customer rewards


Help assist 

Step 1: Clover is available 24/7 for customer support assistance

Step 2: Clover contact info appears on top right corner of the main screen of clover device > tap call me > select reason for support > tap call me and your request will be put into a queue and clover will call the number registered with the account


Set up clover dining

Step 1: Open “Clover Dining”

Step 2: Follow tutorial Take Tour: Create a Floor Plan

Step 3: Follow tutorial Manage Orders

Step 4: Begin taking an order by tapping on the table icon

Step 5: Add appropriate items to the order

Step 6: Tap Save to fire order to kitchen

Step 7: Tap Pay to prompt for payment screen


Enter a tip

Step 1: Open “Tips” app

Step 2: Displays time, location, transaction number, tender, transaction amount, tip amount, total amount.

Step 3: In order to input a new tip, tap on the transaction that needs the tip added

Step 4:  Enter the tip amount and tap on done

Step 5: “Autofill” tips of 0 in the top right corner


Close out a batch

Step 1: Tap “Closeout” app

Step 2: Displays current and history of batch’s – includes the batch time, status, ID, count, and total $

Step 3: Tap on the open batch to view current sales & option to close out the batch

Step 4: Customizing the Closeout app: Tap the top left corner > tap settings > enable or disable the following when closing out:

  1. Pending offline transactions

  2. Auto-print totals report

  3. Auto-email totals report

gift cards

Gift Card Program

Step 1: Open up “Gift Card” app

Step 2: Sell, check balance, reload, issue store credit, or cash out gift cards

Step 3: Have an existing gift card program that you would like to transfer over to Clover? Theres an app for that


Navigate the dashboard 

Step 1: Reach the clover dashboard online > put in email and password

Step 2: Here is where you have access to your clover online dashboard

  • Same functions as the clover device however you have a greater ability to edit settings within apps available on the dashboard.

Step 3: Certain changes must be applied on the dashboard. (Adding Order types, editing pin length)

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