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grow your business


Benefits >

  • Build customer lists: help you more strategically target them with promotions.

  • Connect now: Re-market to customers sending out promotions instantly. 

  • Win them back:Automatically find lost customers, then send them an offer to get them back in the door.

  • Go social: Send offers on Facebook, Twitter, email, and text.



Benefits >

  • Increase Sales: With the shift to mobile programs, restaurants can now remind customers about their great menu and specials.

  • Bring Back Repeat Diners: When customers get coupons on their phone, thoughts of other places to eat will be pushed from their mind.

  • Create a relationship:  between a restaurant and its customers.


Benefits >

  • It’s just one click away: 69% of customers order food online using a mobile device.

  • Reach more people: More people will know about your restaurant if it has an online presence.

  • Easier to order: Ordering can be done with ease.

  • Sales Increase:  Customize online menus to highlight any menu specials that are taking place


online ordering


Benefits >

  • Build brand awareness:  Cost-effective advertising vehicle.

  • Convenience: Gift cards are more convenient than other types of promotions & completely customizable.

  • Digital Gift cards available

  • Brings new customers to your restaurant: People may sometimes be given a gift card for a store they have never been to before.

gift cards


Benefits >

  • Convert your Clover Device into a Customer-facing Interactive Self-ordering Solution 

  • Increase profits: Process more tickets at a lesser cost 

  • Increases accuracy:    Orders are completely accurate, eliminating the possibility of human error 

  • Improves efficiency:  Customers can avoid the frustration of waiting in-line for assistance and orders can be processed faster


Benefits >

  • Provide your customers with FREE WiFi 

  • Automatically send "Thank You" emails to customers after they leave &

  • Automatically send emails with coupons to customers to drive return traffic

  • Collect instant feedback or send emails to customers asking for their feedback


wifi marketing


Benefits >

  • Track visitor engagement and customer leads from your Yelp Business Page.

  • Respond to reviews with a private message or public comment.

  • Respond to customer inquiries and messages.

  • Upload and manage photos for your business.

  • View reports on ad clicks from Yelp users (advertisers only)



Benefits >

  • Homebase Hiring is FREE.

  • Homebase is used by over 100,000 businesses. 

  • Post a job in 60 seconds: We automatically create job descriptions that have been tested with candidates. 

  • One post to multiple job boards for free: We post your job automatically to top local job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter--all for free



Benefits >

  • No Paper Lists: roll out your wait list management application in minutes. Enable your customers to get in line, check wait time, and get notified instantly.

  • No setup cost. No transaction cost. Flat monthly fee of $5.99

  • Smart wait time: The more you use the app the more accurate the wait times become using AI.

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