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Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality of Client/Merchant Information

Given the nature of our work, it is imperative that we maintain the confidence of client/merchant information that we receive in the course or our work. J Pappas, LLC and its Affiliates prohibits the release of any client/merchant information to anyone outside the department except in limited circumstances and discussions or disclosures of information within the organization should be limited to the minimum necessary that is needed for the recipient of the information to perform their job. Acceptable uses of information within the organization include but are not limited to peer review, internal audits, quality assurance and billing.

J Pappas, LLC and its Affiliates, provides services to clients/merchants that are private and confidential. It is necessary, in the rendering of J Pappas, LLC and its Affiliates services, that clients/merchants provide personal information and that such information may exist in a variety of forms such as electronic, oral, written or photographic and that all such information is strictly confidential and protected by federal and state laws that prohibit its unauthorized use or disclosure.

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