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GrubHub, UberEATS, DoorDash, PostMates coming to Clover July 2019

Manage all your online food delivery orders right in your POS.

How it Works:

1. An order comes in: order is placed through a food delivery partner (ex. GrubHub)

2. Order data is processed & pushed to your POS: OrderOut detects the order and instantly transfers it to your POS and kitchen printer

3. Advanced Analytics: detailed delivery partner (GrubHub) and food item data is displayed in one easy-to-use dashboard

Some Key Features of this app include

Direct Integration int your POS - You no longer need to manually enter orders from each delivery service into your POS.

Automatic Order Receipt - No more annoying pings! OrderOut will automatically map order details to your menu and availability, and accept them on your behalf.

Bulk Menu and Restaurant Info Sync - We map your restaurant’s menus, from the POS and food delivery services, directly into our system.

Order Troubleshooting Portal - Having all your orders in one platform will help you troubleshoot orders if customers call with questions.

Risk-Free Integration - With our free trial, you pay nothing upfront and can cancel whenever you wish, although we know you never will.

All-In-One Dashboard - Manage and analyze all of your orders in one centralized dashboard.

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