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Our Journey

J.Pappas Insurance Agency est. 10/29/2004

First Financial Consultants, DBA J.Pappas Insurance Agency was Established in October of 2004.  J.Pappas Insurance continued expanding its financial products and added Group Health in addition to Life Insurance in October of 2004. J.Pappas also added other insurance products such as Property, Liability, Workers Comp, Umbrella along with Personal Insurance such as Homeowners and Auto.

The company specializes in the Hospitality industry and caters to Restaurants, Banquet Halls, 24 Hour Diners, Ethnic Food, Taverns and Catering establishments. 

The company is licensed in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

J.Pappas Investments 01/01/2009

Pappas Wealth Management DBA J.Pappas Investments was established in 2009. The company offers a variety of investment vehicles such as stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds and other related financial products. The company 

offers portfolio management, Life Insurance,  and Wealth Management services to both individual and corporate clientele. 


J.Pappas Payments Est 7/27/2011

Pappas Financial Group, LLC DBA J.Pappas Payments was established on July of 2011 and is active in offering Merchant services to the Hospitality industry. The company offers POS systems, Credit Card Processing, Gift Card and Loyalty,  Marketing and Operations technology to its ever expanding client base.


J.Pappas Energy Est 7/27/2011

Pappas Financial Group, LLC DBA J.Pappas Energy is active in the deregulated supply market of Electricity and Gas. The company is licensed as an Aggregator with the board of Utilities and offer its products and services to the Hospitality industry in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

J.Pappas LLC Est. 01/04/2013

J.Pappas LLc was established in 2013 as a holding company for all J.Pappas companies. The company provides accounting, marketing and other administrative services to the J.Pappas group of companies. 

J.Pappas Realty Est. 01/21/2015

J.Pappas Realty is active in the acquisition and management of Real Estate.


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