meet the team

John Papatherapontos

John Pappas founded J.Pappas LLC in 2004 and provides a one stop financial service for business owners


Tel: (973)429-0725 x1

Androulla Papatherapontos

Androulla Papatherapontos started working at J.Pappas in December 2019. She attends West Essex High School and works at J.Pappas as a marketing coordinator. 


Angie Gilces 

Angie Gilces started working at J.Pappas in November 2019. She is a Justice Studies major at Montclair State University, works full-time at J.Pappas and is part of our Merchant Services and Insurance team


Tel: (973)429-0725 x4

Marina Bollano

Marina Bollano started working at J.Pappas in September of 2018 and works in an insurance support role. Marina is a Justice Studies Major at Montclair State University and works at J. Pappas as a CSR and handles insurance. 


Tel: (973)429-0725 x5

Tina Papatherapontos

Tina Papatherapontos opened J.Pappas alongside John in 2004.  Using her many years of experience in corporate finance, Tina ensures that all facets of J.Pappas run smoothly from behind the scenes.    


Tel: (973)429-0725 x2