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Medicare Advantage Plans
(Part C)

Part A & Part B benefits can be chosen via a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C).

Built-in prescription drug coverage may also come with a lot of the plans available. Stand alone Part D plan can be added only with specific Medicare Advantage plan types.

Coverage Choices

You may have different health and budget needs which are catered by a vast range of Medicare Advantage plans.

$0 Copays


primary care, virtual visits and laboratory tests.

PREscription drug coverage

prescription drug coverage

Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs have $0 copays and deductibles. A wide pharmacy network is available that includes national and local options.

National nEtwork

national network icon

More than one million network providers available worldwide along with the largest provider in the national level.

dental benefits icon

Dental benefits

$0 Copays on dental services while accessing the largest national medicare advantage dental network.

routine vision benefits

routine vision

Routine annual eye exam at $0 copay through Medicare Advantage's largest national vision network.

otc credit

otc credit icon

Thousands of brand name and generic products available for you to choose with an over-the-counter credit. (OTC)

routine hearing benefits

hearing benefits

A broad selection of branded hearing aids available for most members. Yearly routing hearing exam is also $0 copay.

renew active

renew active icon

Available medicare fitness program exclusively from UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans with no additional cost.

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