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save 30% on your energy bill!

New Jersey Rates & Suppliers

As a New Jersey business, you have the opportunity to choose a competitive electricity or gas supplier to generate your energy supply at a lower rate instead of using your utility for all of your energy needs. It is easy to switch  and it has many benefits including: no fees to switch, no interruption in service and you will continue to receive the same bill from your utility. The utility also continues to handle delivery and maintenance services.

Customizing Your Plan

J.Pappas Energy will customize a plan that fits your business’s energy needs and budget, based on your business’s size and average bill costs. We work with the top energy providers in New Jersey that offer a variety of plans such as: 

  • Natural gas plans

  • Electric plans

  • Fixed pricing

  • Variable pricing


what is energy aggregation?

Energy aggregation is when a group of companies or local institutions partner together to buy energy from a single developer at smaller volumes while retaining the economic advantages of a high-volume purchase.

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