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business owners policy (BOP)

What Is A Business Owners Policy?

A business owner’s policy (BOP) is a special type of commercial insurance designed for small and medium-sized businesses. By bundling general liability insurance and property insurance into a single policy, BOPs typically offer a reduced premium, often making them a more cost-effective option than separately purchased policies

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Liability Insurance Breakdown


General Liability Insurance protects your business from many different claims related to liability injuries and damages. Ensure your business is properly protected against unforeseen risks and events. General liability can help small businesses pay for lawsuits and avoid bankruptcy. A general liability policy ensures that you will be able to compensate a customer if you damage their property or are responsible for a personal injury. 


Commercial Property Insurance Breakdown

When unforeseen circumstances occur, Commercial Property Insurance can pay for business property that is stolen, damaged, or destroyed. All policies can be customized to your unique business needs, however a typical policy will include: 

  1. The building. This is typically the structure, but can include permanently installed fixtures, machinery, and equipment.

  2. Contents of the building. The items that are inside the building, such as inventory, equipment, and supplies. 

  3. Other people's property. This category includes items that are left in your care, custody, or control. 

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